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Kaliningrad Bartenders Association

Калининградская ассоциация барменов

Kaliningrad Bartenders Association was established in 2001. It is the regional office of the Association of Bartenders in Kaliningrad, Russia..

The Association brings together the region's passionate professionals dedicated to their craft and striving for continuous improvement.

The purpose of the association - professional development of Kaliningrad bartenders’ training in order to raise the quality level of the bars in the region.

The association’s activities are mainly focused on organization of master classes and competitions for bartenders, as well as on assistance in professional development of talented and passionate bartenders.

We visited many legendary bars from Singapore to New Orleans to enrich our experience. We thoroughly monitor trends in the bar industry and kindly share with interested bartenders in order to be in step with the times and to be in trend.

We are familiar with many leading domestic and foreign bartenders, that amaze with their skills and charge the desire to move forward.

Калининградская ассоциация барменов