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About APS

The company “Art of Private Shaking Glass & Bar Supply GmbH”, known in professional circles as "APS" was founded in 1990 by Mr. Karim El Hammami and Mr.Shung Yu
Mr. Al Hammami came out of the restaurant business, where he was a manager of multiple cocktail bars, and Mr. Shung Yu of the trading business. The combined forces of both created a base for a new business in a tableware and bar accessories trade niche.

Today, there are over 50 employees in our companies across Europe. In January of 2004, we established our first branch in Amsterdam, the second in Warsaw in 2007 and Poland in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic.

With the help of our suppliers all over the world, we provide the best prices . We make a lot of customized things , for example: bar mats, mixers, sealed straws, shakers, napkin holders, special dispensers, ice buckets and other bar accessories.

We love to meet the requirements of our B2B clients.

We distribute our products throughout Europe through our partners in Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Great Britain and Russia as well as in their own branches in other places.
This alliance allows us to compare the needs of clients across Europe.

For 20 years we have amassed knowledge and experience, traveling and communicating with suppliers and customers.
This is a strong part of our today's professional competence. Alliance Europe's largest supplier companies for bars allow us to know the needs of catering on the modern market. Since 2011, the company Kaliningrad Restaurant Service is a representative of APS Glass & Bar Supply GmbH in Russia.

APS supply